My Favorite Coupon Sites

This list will probably grow the most rapidly as I discover more and more places to find great coupons online. This list is a good starting point for anyone that is working on getting their coupon collection buffed up. There are tons of coupons available and sure to be savings for everyone.

The site:

Why I like it: This site has tons of coupons available and is a good place to clip a lot of coupons at once. You can sort the coupons by a category to help you narrow down the list if you are looking for something specific.

What could be improved: Although you can sort by category, there is no way to search for a specific coupon. This can make it hard if you are looking for one brand in particular, however if you sort by category you will usually only need to look through two or three of the pages.

Things you should know: For the most part, all regions get the same coupons, but they are based on zip codes. Don’t feel like you have to stay within your own zip code! My zip code does not always have the widest variety of coupons so I try several out to make sure I am getting all of the good coupons floating around out there. Some of my favorite zips for are 10001, 12345, 33033, 62496 and 90210. As you find zip codes that you like write them down and keep the list near your computer so you can quickly check them to find the best coupons (and of course leave a comment and let us know about your favorite zip!). Another thing to know about is about printer efficiency. The coupons print three to a page, so if you have a multiple of three coupons when you print you will use your paper the most efficiently. If you don’t get to a multiple of three, no worries! The coupons print in the same spot every time, so if you have only one or two to a sheet you can flip it over and print your next coupon on the bottom of the page. (*Caution* be VERY careful when doing this. If you don’t put the paper into your printer the correct way, you will print over a coupon that is already printed. This will cost you both coupons, which can be disastrous to your shopping plan as there IS a limit on how many of each coupon you can print per computer.)

The site: RedPlum

Why I like it: Those of you who get the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts (highly recommended!) probably have already heard the name RedPlum. Many of the coupons offered on RedPlum’s website are the same as the ones you would find in your Sunday paper. Why is this an upside you ask? It will help you stock up when you find a really killer deal on an item that RedPlum has a coupon for. Depending on how many newspapers you buy in a week, you may end up with not enough coupons for a product that you found for super cheap, free, or even as a moneymaker. If the coupon you are lacking came from a RedPlum insert you may be able to go online and print up a couple more of the coupon so you can take full advantage of the deal.

What could be improved:  There is a much more limited selection of coupons on the site compared to some of the other sites out there, but it is still a great site to check weekly for more coupons to supplement what came in your Sunday paper, or what you may have missed on a regional coupon.

Things you should know: RedPlum does have the option of loading coupons to some stores loyalty cards. They do not have my local grocery store on the site so I have not tried it out, but I have loaded coupons directly from the store’s site and I absolutely LOVE how convenient it is. Not only are you saving on the ink to print out the coupon, but it is also that many fewer coupons you have to lug lovingly carry around with you.

The site: SmartSource

Why I like it: This site is very similar to RedPlum in that SmartSource is also a common insert to find in your newspaper (sometimes twice!).  SmartSource also gives you the ability to sort by brand, which can be super convenient if you are looking for a specific coupon.

What could be improved: Like, these coupons print three to a page, but they are just slightly wider. This is most likely just the OCD in me talking, but the extra width in them makes them just wide enough that they won’t fit into my baseball card holders. I usually just fold the bottom up just enough to let it fit and then I fold it in half so that it will fit sideways in the holder. (Once I get a little more organized I will make a post about how I have set up and organized my binder).

Things you should know: This site is pretty straight forward, just keep in mind that you will have to be a little creative in getting them to fit if you use baseball card inserts like I do. Also, I did have some trouble getting them to print in Mozilla Firefox the first couple of times that I tried, but that may just have been me. I reinstalled java and have had no issues since. If you do have trouble, try Internet explorer or Google Chrome, or whatever other browser you may have access to.

The site: CellFire

Why I like it: CellFire is a site devoted to those ‘load to your card’ coupons. As I said above, love the convenience of these. Any way I can cut down on printing costs is a definite plus in my book.

What could be improved: Unfortunately my closest grocery stores are Stater Brothers, which doesn’t have a loyalty card, and Vons (Safeway), which is not currently available on CellFire. There is a pretty long list of stores though, so check it out and if your store is on the list you will definitely want to take advantage of this great website.

Things you should know: These coupons are mostly store coupons, which means that, depending on the store’s policy, that you can stack them with a manufacturer’s coupon. Timing a coupon stack with a good sale is the best way to find unbeatable, or free prices on your items.

As I said, I am still working on putting together my list of favorite coupon sites, because I do print a lot of coupons. Here are some other coupon sites you may want to check out:

Coupon Network

Cool Savings

Saving Star

Proctor and Gamble

Have you tried any of these sites? Do you have other sites that are a must visit? If so, let us know what you think and why you love them in the comments section.


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